Maintains & Oversees

The Public Works Department maintains and oversees the:

Restricted Use Site
Snow Removal
Solid Waste Collection
Storm Water


The Public Works Department mission is to provide quality services to the Whitewood community with pride, courtesy, integrity, reliability, and commitment. We put Whitewood first.

Public Works

You rely on the Whitewood Public Works Department every time you take out the trash, drive to work, turn on the water, or flush the toilet. We make sure that snow is plowed, streets are swept, potholes are patched, and streets are signed. We ensure that your trash is collected and disposed of properly.

Keep Whitewood Running

We keep the sewers flowing and the Wastewater Treatment Plant running to protect our waterways. In short, “We Keep Whitewood Running.”

Phone: (605) 269-2512

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday


Contact Us

Water/Wastewater Operators:​

D.J. Werlinger & Derek Daniels

​Address: 1102 Custer St,

Whitewood, SD 57793